Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time To Work

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Give me more time for today update free item links, wish me luck so I can update more links today because many people cannot claim my free item links and I want to say I'm sorry for this. I always push my limit to surpass my maximum limit. I hope Z will not patch my tricks. I'll inform when I ready to publish new free item links.

Money is not everything for me, so please for people who was send me msg and ask me will pay me for crowns hack, I'll not publish / share this hack, because I'll ruin this game, you love this game ? then don't ask for crowns hack. Where is the gameplay and fun if you can get all everything in this game ? it's totally destroy this game and I totally don't agree for crowns hack. If you love this game and please support Z by buying some cash items no matter little or big.

And the last words, I'm not a criminal and I will not sell it for my own profit. From my job I can get enough money for my life without selling game hack or something Illegal. Sharing is caring and giving but we must know the limit. You can learn from this case. Thank you for reading this post and sorry if my word hurts your feeling.  Now is time to work.