Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CastleVille Free Items 64 Gold Bricks - Part 1

Update today for free items, 64 Gold Bricks for part 1 ( I'll update next time for part 2 ). Today is really weird, CV has been updated for 6 times :

1st update game version  : 19880
2nd update game version : 19881
3rd update game version : 19882
4th update game version : 19883
5th update game version : 19884
6th update game version : 19885

Dunno what they do today.. but I think this is affects to my 151 energy links, but I still not sure.

Grab them all faster, because these links have limitation :

 <param name="ClaimLimit" val="10"/>
<param name="rewardItem" val="Gold Brick"/>
<limiter type="claim" amount="5" timespan="64800" message="whoa:{Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.}"/>
<AcceptBlock name="First">
<landingPage name="receive"/>
<requirement lval="[]" op="lt" rval="10"/>
<effect type="GenerateLootItem" name="GoldBrickCraftable_01" count="1"/>
<landingPage name="receive"/>
 <error type="message" value="sry:{Sorry, all rewards have been claimed}"/>
Note :

1 links = 10 Gold Bricks for 10 people ( each people 1 gold brick )
64 links = 640 Gold Brick

Before you click these links, please check your inventory for Gold Brick slot ( maximum slot is 50 for gold brick in inventory ) example if you only have 10 remaining slot available ( 40/50 ) for gold brick so please don't click over than 10 links  so we can share these to more people :)

I don't mind if you want to share these links to your website / blog but please give me credit for my blog for return the favor. Thank you