Sunday, December 25, 2011

HotShot Hack With Fiddler + Game Hack Trainer

I'm very.... very tired now but I try to update this guide. Okay let's start.. . now prepare your war tools :

1. Fiddler ( You don't have one ? check my download page you can download there )
2. HotShot game hack trainer grab it here

Video tutorial : Upload on progress

Follow this steps :

1. Open Firefox / Google Chrome / Intenet Browser

2. Open Fiddler ( make sure your Fiddler capturing mode is enable )

3. Click HotShot

4. Seach this URL address : on Fiddler capture box.

5.  Copy the URL address

6. Go to Auto Responder and follow this setting, checkmark Enable automatic responses and unmatched bla bla bla... then click Add button.

7. Paste the URL has been copied to 1st box in Rule Editor Box

8. Download this HotShot Game Version 24 date Dec, 23 2011
    password mediafire:

9. In 2nd box in Rule Editor box click the small black down arrow then click find a file then open hotshot-v24-update1-23122011.swf ( file you has been downloaded from step 8 ) then click save.

10. Checkmark like as this image

11. Reload / Refresh your Internet browser

12. Use HotShot Game Hack Trainer like usual ( Guide for HotShot game hack trainer )