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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bejeweled Blitz Trainer +2 Game Version v1793

New Trainer Bejeweled Blitz trainer +2 game version 1793 Update 09/12/2011.

This trainer only working with Firefox, how to apply this hack ?

1. Open Firefox
2. Open Bejeweled Blitz wait until game fully loaded.
3. Don't click anything
4. After Bejeweled Blitz fully loaded then click the trainer
5. Press Alt + 1 or Alt +2
6. Click play, you're done !

Download : Facebook Game Cheats Bejeweled Blitz Trainer v1793

( For blind people who's always ask me password O_o, 
they can't read this ! Maybe I should change this text password font size to 1000 px ??? )  
Password Mediafire & Zip File :


Bejeweled_Blitz_Trainer_v1784_Xhapire.exe     MD5 : b5ba1fb935cfe6f7707583a7db9d7968
Bejeweled_Blitz_Trainer_v1784_Xhapire.zip      MD5 : 334af4ad1300b26065ff93dd1c4054e6

Freeware MD5 WinMD5 Free is a tiny and fast utility to compute MD5 hash value for files. It works with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Download it here

Friday, December 09, 2011

MapleStrory Adventure Trainer+12 - Game Version

MapleStory Adventures is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling social network game developed by the South Korean company Nexon for Facebook. MapleStory Adventures is a simplified version of MapleStory’s basic gameplay and includes creating an avatar, fighting monsters and completing quests .

Although the gameplay is altered for the social networking conventions and includes freemium content, the main storyline of the game remains the same. MapleStory Adventures is free to play, but players have the option of purchasing premium content.



MapleStory Adventures is a 2D scrolling social network game on Facebook. At the start of the game, players must create a customizable avatar and select a class . Players may choose to play as either a Warrior or a Magician . During the game, players may move anywhere they wish across a 2D side scrolling representation of “Maple World.” The game is composed of “quests ,” which usually consist of killing a certain number of monsters and collecting various items that drop from their corpses. Players will receive some quests automatically, and others can be obtained by clicking on various NPCs (Non-Player Characters). By clicking on a monster, the player delivers strikes which will cause the monster a certain amount of damage, dependent upon the player’s level and the equipment they wield. Each strike costs a certain amount of energy , drawn from a pool that slowly replenishes in real time. As players level up, this energy gauge will grow.Levels and SkillsEdit

When a player kills a monster, various items may drop from the corpse. These include blue stars, which may be collected to increase a player’s experience level , quest items , collection items , gold coins , and “mystery boxes .” As a player’s experience level rises, their power increases and they may use gold coins to purchase various skills. For higher-leveled skills, players will also need to obtain Skill Permits . These skills can then be used to kill more difficult monsters in order to acquire better treasures.

Equipment and Items

As a player levels up, they will have the opportunity to use gold coins to purchase various pieces of equipment that increase their attack power in the game. They may also purchase items that have purely cosmetic rare value. Other items that drop from monsters may be part of a “game collection.” Collections may be turned in for extra energy or other prizes at the shop.

Mystery boxes provide a random gift when opened. These gifts can include a quantity of gold , consumables , or cosmetic clothing which can increse attack power.

MapleStory Adventures is played on a simplified version of Maple World. Areas in MapleStory Adventures that correspond to those in the original MapleStory game include Henesys , Ellinia , Perion and Kerning City .


MSA is enjoyable game, despite being rather repetitive but warrior class and wizard class  gameplay feels overly similar.

Yay ! you can feel more enjoy with this trainer for help you in MapleStory Adventure :) okie dokie bossie ! LOL

UPDATE 15 December 2011 - New Game Version Get it here

How to use this ? Follow this a b c steps :

a. Don't forget to use Firefox because this trainer will inject code to plugin-container
b. Load MapleStory Adventure then wait until fully loaded after fully loaded click this trainer
c. Active the trainer by pressing hotkey, select what you want to be apply kind of hack ( example : god mode and speed hack then you must press Alt+1 and press alt+3. You're done :)

Note : You must use this trainer in your home / town, if you use this trainer  in another map this hack can't be enable.

Okay bossie, download here :
Version / MSA.swf?p=

MappleStory Adventure Trainer+12

MediaFire Password : xhapire.blogspot.com
Zip File Password : xhapire.blogspot.com

MSA_ADV+12_151516_Xhapire.zip - MD5  : d8bc1515bef3e94b8814f129796dda15
MSA_ADV+12_151516_Xhapire.exe - MD5 : b4fe857694be8499898e3b4db1966f95

Have fun guys :) big thanks to jadshajs for his bytecode flash hack, it's really make my work more easy.

If you want I always update this trainer for next game version don't forget like this post :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Facebook Game Cheat HotShot Trainer

HotShot's gameplay is basically a clone of Peggle's but this one is free to play.

HotShot is a fun game, but I think with this trainer will be more fun. lol

This trainer for HotShot game version 23.

Don't Forget Watch On HD

You must using Firefox because this trainer will inject code to plugin container.
Here this step by step how to apply this trainer as on my movie :

1. Use Firefox
2. Wait HotShot until fully loaded
3. Open the trainer
4. After HotShot fully loaded click the trainer then press alt + 1
5. If injection succesful, text label on trainer become red.
6. You're done. Click play.

Update : 15/12/2011
Download link removed because HotShot new game version 24. Download new trainer click here

Facebook Castle Ville XP & Level Table Level 41 - 99

Click Here For Enlarge Image

Update Castle Ville XP & Level Table Level 41 - 99.

This data is based on gameSettings.xml.

When I was checks this files for level 41 to 99 I can't found data for this following Title, Farms, Cow, Chicken and Crafting Support Buildings

Title for level 41 to 99 =  unknown.

Max Farms & Animals ( cow and chicken )  = unknown.

Crafting Support Buildings  also same unknown result.

For XP & Level Table Level 1 to 40 you can found it here :

I'll update this if I found new data from gameSetting.xml

Facebook Game Cheat Bejeweled Blitz Trainer

Here it's  Facebook game cheat : Bejeweled Blitz trainer +2 game version 1784.

Easy to use, if you looking for manual hack find it here : http://xhapire.blogspot.com/2011/12/facebook-game-bejeweled-blitz-cheat.html

If you are looking very easy step just like a b c then download this.

Video will be added soon, because youtube still under maintenance.

This trainer only working with Firefox, how to apply this hack ?

1. Open Firefox
2. Open Bejeweled Blitz wait until game fully loaded.
3. Don't click anything
4. After Bejeweled Blitz fully loaded then click the trainer
5. Press Alt + 1 or Alt +2
6. Click play, you're done !

Download : Facebook Game Cheats Bejeweled Blitz Trainer v1784
Password : xhapire.blogspot.com

Bejeweled_Blitz_Trainer_v1784_Xhapire.EXE - MD5 : 71dc64e87fd5cce9b382198f91db059e
Bejeweled_Blitz_Trainer_v1784_Xhapire.zip      MD5 : 0166e159bfec0bdeea3d8be9af544b46

Freeware MD5 WinMD5 Free is a tiny and fast utility to compute MD5 hash value for files. It works with Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Download it here

What is MD5 ? click here for more info

Monday, December 05, 2011

Someone Stealing My Video Credits

LOL, another plagiarist and our ex member group ( John Libert ), He copy my text tutorial to his video description on youtube and upload my video tutorial on youtube with video title "Facebook Castle Ville Coin Hack December 4, 2011". 

This hack already patched. He stealing my credits.

4 days ago I was banned him from our group because he is a scammer and spammer.

Update : Finaly youtube delete his video, LOL.

For John :

Don't stealing my video and my tutorial without my permission, then you upload it to youtube without my credit.

But this hack already patched, why you still share to all people about this hack ? for scam ?? or your own profit ? Don't lie to people that's not good.
You uploaded it to youtube with video title Facebook Castle Ville Coin Hack December 4, 2011 then you give link on description to your blog, and you share that video to facebook with your account. But this hack already patched.

You said "i am not the one who uploaded it i am a victim of scam lol remove my picture here or i will report your blog." Uploaded by jlroa26 on Dec 4, 2011 , your youtube account is jlroa26 and your account was terminated by yourself.
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4yBm9i8wOE )
But you share that link with your FB account, it's not you ? so who's using your FB & youtube account ?
Don't be coward, be a man then admit your mistakes.
I really hate scam and plagiarism.

Facebook Castle Ville XP & Level Table

Here it's Castle Ville XP, Title and Level table + some information :

Castle Ville XP & Level Tabel - Click Here To Enlarge Image

Maybe I will update next time for level 41 to 99.
Title = ????
FYI level 99 require 2.153.900 XP.
Max Happiness= 650
Max Energy= 25
Max Generic Houses= 99
Max Castle Buildings= 20
Max Crafting Buildings= 15
Max Production Buildings= 20
Max Beasties= 6
Max Rats= 4
Max Wolves= 3
Max Thieves= 2
Max Goblins= 2
Max Walls= 225
Max Cathedral= 3
Max Dungeon= 4
Max MaidenTower= 7
Max Barracks= 5
Max Library= 6
Max WizardKeep= 4
Max OperaHouse= 3
Max Observatory= 3
Max Vault= 5
Max ThroneRoom= 4