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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Facebook HotShot Cheat - Game Hack Trainer+12

HotShot Game Hack Trainer+12
Finally done, this is the new game hack trainer for Facebook game HotShot. On this version is different from the game trainer+5 version. I dunno why they patch this game today but the game version when I checked is version 24 the only different is filesize :

The oldest version hotshot.swf   1.327 MB

The newest version hotshot.swf   902 KB

This game hack trainer maybe will not work for long time, because I think they now watching us :p I hope I'm wrong.

UPDATE : Click Here

What is the new for this version ? here it's for changelog :

23 December 2011
Update New Hack :

6. Grenade = Red Blast Hack
7. Red Blast Remove 95% Red Pegs
8. Skill Points Multiplier x99
9. Turn Style Points x99
10. Peg Hit By Ball Every Turn x99
11. Special Peg Points x99
12. Blue Waves Hack x99

17 December 2011

1. Unlimited Ball
2. Split Ball = Blue Blast Hack
3. Blue Blast Remove 95% Blue Pegs
4. Turn Score Multiplier Hack
5. Final Bonus Score Multiplier Hack

For video tutorial, watch on HD is better if you have a good internet connection :)

Take long time for  buffering on youtube ? here we go the step by step guide with images :

Step 1
After finish loading click play
Step 2
Select a board game
Step 3
Select Power Ups : Split Ball & Grenade
Step 4
Click play and don't play the game first
Step 5
Open your game magic trainer :P and wait 3 - 5 seconds until finish loading then press ALT + 1 when the trainer enables text label from red color become yellow color
Step 6
Okay now you can play and congratulation you are now God of HotShot :p

Looking this trainer ? click the download button and this is free no survey for download

HotShotV24_Trainer+12_Xhapire.rar MD5  fd8a13f1de0930eb57d9fe7205d5ebde
HotShotV24_Trainer+12_Xhapire.exe MD5 a2f4bda182211a2fd69211fd2552ce8c

Download here, password for mediafire and rar file is : www.xhapire.com

Enjoy guys, if you like this don't forget click the like button & give me comments. For the oldest version download counter is 291 people download this game trainer but only 10 people like this O_O arggggg.. but it's okay for me, never mind just have fun guys.

Thank you.

Update 25/12/2011 : 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Facebook Game HotShot Update Today - 23/12/2011

For your information, yes it's right my HotShot game hack trainer +5 is not longer working anymore, because they fixed this game version. But it's really strange when I was checks the game version is still same ( version 24 ) only the filesize is different from the new one.

It's ok as soon as possible I'll update this game trainer. Maybe I'll add something new hack for next game trainer version, are you agree with me ? :)

And once again, Thank God today is Friday.. I have much time now :) so I can update this trainer. Okay guys time to work, soon I'll post the new trainer. Ciao....


CastleVille Hack - Cam & Speed Hack Version 3

New Update 22/12/2011 for CastleVille Hack - Cam & Speed Hack - Game version 19792

Tutorial guide by images I'll update soon, must gtg now. Enjoy guys..

For guide with image you can found here

But the different is only edit this value :

walkSpeed="8.33" playerWalkSpeed="8.33" replace with walkSpeed="999.33" playerWalkSpeed="999.33"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

CastleVille Hack - Cam Hack & Speed Hack Patched Today

I got report from some people about this hack is not working anymore and then a few minute ago I checked CastleVille cam hack & speed hack and the result is... yes they patched it today.

Zynga changes their gameSettings.xml, from now this gameSettings.xml will not cached to your local disk, so if we use CastleVille Cam Hack & Speed Hack Version 2 you will cannot find the gameSettings.xml ( try clear your FireFox cache then load CastleVille then search in FireFox cache directory, can you found the gameSettings.xml ? me cannot ).

They overide the protection for this settings, I found this in Game.19792.swf  ( 22/12/2011) :

public function populateVariables() : void
            var _loc_1:XML = null;
            if (this.m_xml)
                GameObject.WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("walkSpeed", 3.33));
                GameObject.PLAYER_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("playerWalkSpeed", 3.33));
                GameObject.NPC_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("NPCWalkSpeed", 3.33));

                Player.MAX_COINS = uint(this.getAttribute("maxCoins", 5000000));
                Player.MAX_REPUTATION = uint(this.getAttribute("maxReputation", 500));
                Global.ClientSideValidation = this.getAttribute("ClientSideValidation", "false") == "true";
                Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit = this.getAttribute("ClientExceptionTransactionLimit", Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit);
                Expression.Exceptions = this.getAttribute("ZDScriptExceptions", "false") == "true";
                LocalizedStringExpression.PseudoLoc = this.getAttribute("PseudoLoc", "false") == "true";
                StateMachine.StateDurationScale = this.m_rawXml.state_machine_settings.attribute("state_duration_scale").toString() ? (this.m_rawXml.state_machine_settings.@state_duration_scale) : (1);
                this.m_viewportSettings = new ViewportSettings(this.m_rawXml.viewport[0]);
                LocalizedStringExpression.PushScope("Auto_gameSettings_base", GameSettingsInit.GetLocPrefix(this.m_rawXml.globals[0]));
                for each (_loc_1 in this.m_rawXml.globals.global)
                    this.m_XMLScriptGlobals[_loc_1.@name] = Expression.ParseString(_loc_1.@val.toString());
                new AutoRunManager(this.m_rawXml);
                Context.Globals.Set("globals", this.m_XMLScriptGlobals);
But I think that protection is not a big problem.

So what we can do now ? are you still need this hack or not ? If you still need this hack just comment this post and then I'll try to search new way for this hack. Just tell me if you still need this.

Update :
New Cam & Speed Hack Version 3 :