Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Reason

Okay I think it's enough. I don't want people call me a "SCAM".

Just let you know, why I do this ? because to many scam over internet offering you CV hack but it's fake ( you must fill the surveys then pay to download, download game hack but contain keylogger, etc ) and I can't let people trapped about this.

Then I decided to help all CV Players with my links, as long I can to do this I'll do it for you without any charge. 

With my links, what do you think ? it's more than enough make you more fun playing CastleVille ? and let me know are you still need crown hack after this ?

You must know, crowns hack is absolute illegal (you steal money from Z) if you need crowns then why you not buy it with your own money ? love this game then support CV.

Many people send me report about my links copied to many website and I never reply this msg, because why ? I don't mind about it and I'll never complain about it. You can share all my links with our without my credits because it's free.

I never asked for money to everyone, I swear by the God if I lie then please God you can curse me for the bad things anytime.

Note : Always remember you're not my follower, not my fans, not my member. Because all of you is my friend.