Sunday, January 08, 2012

CastleVille Free Item Reputation 08/01/12


Reputation points are designed to reward players for the social aspect of the game. They may be earned by visiting and helping you neighbors. You can use Reputation points to buy items on the Market, which are purchasable only with Reputation points, or use the Reputations points when crafting items. You may keep a maximum of 100 Reputation points. Avoid nearing the 100 Reputation points limit, since any excess Reputation points are lost.
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We were given:

Two hands to hold.

Two legs to walk.

Two eyes to see. 

Two ears to listen.

But why only one heart? 

Because the other was given to 

someone else. For us to find.

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 Items doesn't added to your inventory ?
1. Bug from CV
2. You're to late / All Claimed
3. Already Expired