Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Game Cheat - HotShot New Trainer +5

New HotShot Trainer +5 Game Version 24

As my promise on my post : I will share this HotShot game hack trainer and this is absolutely free, I am never take any profit from all  my game hack trainer, you do not need to fill surveys for download my game trainer. My Simple words :There were no lies between me and you. I made a video tutorial " how to use this HotShot game hack trainer", but if you don't have much internet bandwidth or slow speed  internet connection for watch my video tutorial you can read my guide how use this trainer step by step with images.

Mediafire & Zip file password : MD5 008aacf684cf460e80f29ae2b5896ce4
HotShotV24_Trainer+5_Xhapire.exe MD5 bdf15cff818779bd579e3d27158ca45d

Here, for video guide don't forget to watch on HD.

And here for guide with pictures :

1. Use Firefox then play HotShot, wait until play button appears.

Game 100% Loaded.

2. Open HotShot hack game trainer and wait 3 - 5 seconds

Text Label Color  Is Red = Trainer  Off

3. Press Alt + 1 then you will see text label become yellow color.

Text Label Color Is Yellow = Trainer On
4. Back to Firefox then press / click play button.

Play Button

5.Select stage

Stage Selection
6. For first slot power up on window power ups selection, select Split Ball power up

7. The last step is... you must know what is the last step :)

Click this button Click me.. click me... I'll not bite you :)
I hope you enjoy my HotShot trainer and  this is more than enough for hack I think, do not greedy ask me for cash hack or energy hack, I spend much time for search this hack and I am really tired now.

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Update new version :