Thursday, December 22, 2011

CastleVille Hack - Cam Hack & Speed Hack Patched Today

I got report from some people about this hack is not working anymore and then a few minute ago I checked CastleVille cam hack & speed hack and the result is... yes they patched it today.

Zynga changes their gameSettings.xml, from now this gameSettings.xml will not cached to your local disk, so if we use CastleVille Cam Hack & Speed Hack Version 2 you will cannot find the gameSettings.xml ( try clear your FireFox cache then load CastleVille then search in FireFox cache directory, can you found the gameSettings.xml ? me cannot ).

They overide the protection for this settings, I found this in Game.19792.swf  ( 22/12/2011) :

public function populateVariables() : void
            var _loc_1:XML = null;
            if (this.m_xml)
                GameObject.WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("walkSpeed", 3.33));
                GameObject.PLAYER_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("playerWalkSpeed", 3.33));
                GameObject.NPC_WALK_SPEED = Number(this.getAttribute("NPCWalkSpeed", 3.33));

                Player.MAX_COINS = uint(this.getAttribute("maxCoins", 5000000));
                Player.MAX_REPUTATION = uint(this.getAttribute("maxReputation", 500));
                Global.ClientSideValidation = this.getAttribute("ClientSideValidation", "false") == "true";
                Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit = this.getAttribute("ClientExceptionTransactionLimit", Global.ClientExceptionTransactionLimit);
                Expression.Exceptions = this.getAttribute("ZDScriptExceptions", "false") == "true";
                LocalizedStringExpression.PseudoLoc = this.getAttribute("PseudoLoc", "false") == "true";
                StateMachine.StateDurationScale = this.m_rawXml.state_machine_settings.attribute("state_duration_scale").toString() ? (this.m_rawXml.state_machine_settings.@state_duration_scale) : (1);
                this.m_viewportSettings = new ViewportSettings(this.m_rawXml.viewport[0]);
                LocalizedStringExpression.PushScope("Auto_gameSettings_base", GameSettingsInit.GetLocPrefix(this.m_rawXml.globals[0]));
                for each (_loc_1 in
                    this.m_XMLScriptGlobals[_loc_1.@name] = Expression.ParseString(_loc_1.@val.toString());
                new AutoRunManager(this.m_rawXml);
                Context.Globals.Set("globals", this.m_XMLScriptGlobals);
But I think that protection is not a big problem.

So what we can do now ? are you still need this hack or not ? If you still need this hack just comment this post and then I'll try to search new way for this hack. Just tell me if you still need this.

Update :
New Cam & Speed Hack Version 3 :