Saturday, December 17, 2011

Facebook Game Cheat - HotShot New Hack

Thanks god today is friday ( I love Friday ) because I have much time to learn and searching new hack for HotShot ( Facebook game ). I founded new hack for this game one hour ago, okay let me tell you what is new.

Blue Blast
1. HotShot Blue Blast Hack = Blue Blast is cash item power up cost 5 gold instantly remove 40% ( actually 33% ) blue pegs in the game, for this hack you must use Split Ball power up cost 750 coins ( You pay 750 coins for 5 gold ) how it works ? when the ball hit the peg specialty in the game you will get free Blue Blast on next turn.

Use Split Ball but you get Blue Blast

 2. HotShot Blue Blast Percentage Hack = Default percentage for remove blue peg is 40% , I change this value to 95%. This is will completely remove all blue pegs in the game.

All blue pegs removed.

3. HotShot Score Multiplier Hack = Simple, your score in one turn x 99 ( 99x is enough don't be greedy :p ) plus bonus for final multiplier bonus score.

Turn Score Hack

Final Bonus Score Hack

Don't worry friends  I will share this hack :) and I will update game trainer for HotShot  after this, Just wait and give me a little time. Like this hack ? why not send me donate "Like" and leave me a comments ? thanks before :)

Update : Get HotShot trainer