Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Add AOB Code To Cheat Engine ?

I cannot reply message one by one for people who is ask me how to add AOB hack code to cheat engine then I make this guide, hope this guide useful for people who is doesn't know how to add AOB code to cheat engine. Okay, here we start :

Note :
You must use Firefox for this guide, because when I was make this guide I am using firefox.
Process select for internet browser : 
Firefox = plugin-container.exe
Chrome = chrome.exe
Internet Explorer = iexplore.exe

1. Open game ( example MapleStory Adventures ) wait until game loaded.

2. Click select process to open.

3. Search then select plugin-container.exe

4. Click open

5. Click memory view button.
6. Click Tools on memory view window.

7. Click Auto Assemble or press hotkey Ctrl + A
8. Copy your AOB code

9. Paste your AOB code.

10. Press / Click Execute.

11. Click Yes

12. Click Ok
You are done. If you found error notice from cheat engine because the AOB code does not work anymore ( game version update ) or maybe AOB code is not valid. Good luck.