Thursday, January 05, 2012

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For next update I'll split the links, because many people had came here late so they can claim any free items because time zone problem. I can't read all your comments and I can't reply all your comments too.

If I create 200 links then I'll split become 4 post and I'll use auto publish, example :

1st Post = Free 50 Energy Links part 1
2nd Post = Free 50 Energy Links part 2 - Auto publish next 2 hours after part 1
3rd Post = Free 50 Energy Links part 3 - Auto publish next 4 hours after part 2
4th Post = Free 50 Energy Links part 4 - Auto publish next 6 hours after part 3

I hope this solution can clear our problem for time zone. Are you agree with this solution ?


So you didn't approve my previous comment on the time when the links show up for some people being different than the time for others. Why? Some mistery here? You should have posted my question and answered it if everything was fine and clear. But obviously it is not! OK, I know these are free links, so I should be thankful for what I have got and not complain. Yet I think that if people like me, who are not in the privilleged group, should be aware that they have no chance to get golden bricks and not waste their time, keeping them up all night, when they have to work tommorow, because they check back every couple of hours for new links, only to find everything is gone!By Anonymous on CastleVille Free Gold Bricks 5/01/2012 on 1/5/12

Tell me what the question you ask for me ? I can't found your comment. Type your name when you send me comment, Can you read all comments one by one for 2 hours ? Let me tell you :

1. I must work 12 hours a day ( Monday - Friday)
2. Make all these free links everyday  ± 6 hours
3. Go home from my office, bath, dinner ±2 hours

Total 20 hours ? Yes everday I just sleep only for ±4 hours sometime only 3 hours and I must read all comments ? I'm a robot ?

What mistery ? I don't have mistery here. I always publish new links everday and share it on my wall,. What you mean for who are not in the privilleged group ? 

Read this limiter protection in gamesettings.xml for Gold Brick, because this item is different with energy links.

    <limiter type="claim" amount="5" timespan="64800" message="whoa:{Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.}"/>
  <!-- ZTrack -->
    <landingPage url="receive"/>
    <requirement lval="[1]" op="eq" rval="[1]"/>
    <AcceptBlock name="First">
      <landingPage name="receive"/>
        <requirement lval="[]" op="lt" rval="10"/>

        <effect type="GenerateLootItem" name="GoldBrickCraftable_01" count="1"/>
      <landingPage name="receive"/>
      <error type="message" value="sry:{Sorry, all rewards have been claimed}"/>

Don't blame on me. Thank you.

Note : I'm not disappointed because this :), but this make me think how to solve this problem. I think he / she is not 100% wrong, thanks for your advice.

Everytime we deal with a problem we must try to search the best way to solved the problem.

Why I still to do this ? I just love sharing with other, it's makes me feel happy.
It's better to give than to receive. :)

Now I must continue my work. Ciao..