Monday, January 02, 2012

CastleVille Cash Item - Female Clothes Guide

Snowy Set
Before you buy some clothes for your female character, you can see these clothes pictures. The cheapest clothes is Barvarian set and the most expensive is Druid set.

If you like something elegant and glamorous then I recommended you the Snowy set, perfect for playing CastleVille with the elegant and glamorous princess.

Not enough crowns ? don't ask me for crowns hack :) you can buy crowns here and support Z if you love CastleVille. For male clothes I'll update later ^_^ and now time to sleep for me. Ciao....

24 Crowns is very cheap ? no need crowns hack ? :p

Barbarian Set - tough and strong | Total 24 Crowns

Barvarian Set  - sweet and calm | Total 22 Crowns ( the cheapest )

Druid Set - natural beauty | Total 36 Crowns ( the most expensive )

Holyday Elf Set - cheerful and funny | Total 25 Crowns

Kimono Set - traditional | Total 24 Crowns

You Mrs. Kringle Set - you know what it is | Total 25 Crowns

Reindeer Set - agile | Total 24 Crowns

Snowy Set -  this is my favorite one, elegant and glamorous | Total 25 Crows ( worth it )