Friday, January 06, 2012

My Links Report - Update

My energy links only work for 2 days, and sometime when you click the result is claimed but when you check in CastleVille is nothing because it's already expired.

My gold brick links very fast, "all reward bla bla bla claimed" ? okay let me tell you with this picture :

Clicks Report
Referrers Detail

How many total clicks since Dec, 24 2011 ? how many website copied my links and how many people click my links for each website ? I think this image report is clear telling us why my free items links very fast all claimed. Just for your information.

My hard work so far

Michael Harcrow says:
January 6, 2012 6:01 PM Reply

I am surprised you dont have more ads with that kind of click-through

xhapire says:
@Michael Harcrow if I use ads on link like ad*.ly it will very annoying for people, I don't want people disappointed because of this. You can imagine if I post 200 links for single post then for open 1 link it's takes 5 seconds until real link address opened.

200 links x 5 seconds = 1000 seconds / 60 seconds = 16.6 minutes

People will wasted their time for almost 17 minutes and I can't do like this. They can use the 17 minutes for do another things.

If I never thinking about my readers / visitor and if in my brain only want to take profit I'll use ad*.ly ads or something else like this.

Total clicks over than 4 million you can count this by multiply $0.00285 / click ( Rates from ad*.ly for US Region )

4.800.000 clicks x $0.00285 = I'll got lot money? $13.680

But some people will disappointed with this, I'll keep make they heart happy don't want to make my reader disappointed. This is my reason why I don't use ads with that kind of click-through.

Tell me Michael who are you, where do you from ? my feeling is telling me you're not a CastleVille player.