Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Facebook Game Cheat Bejeweled Blitz Trainer

Here it's  Facebook game cheat : Bejeweled Blitz trainer +2 game version 1784.

Easy to use, if you looking for manual hack find it here :

If you are looking very easy step just like a b c then download this.

Video will be added soon, because youtube still under maintenance.

This trainer only working with Firefox, how to apply this hack ?

1. Open Firefox
2. Open Bejeweled Blitz wait until game fully loaded.
3. Don't click anything
4. After Bejeweled Blitz fully loaded then click the trainer
5. Press Alt + 1 or Alt +2
6. Click play, you're done !

Download : Facebook Game Cheats Bejeweled Blitz Trainer v1784
Password :

Bejeweled_Blitz_Trainer_v1784_Xhapire.EXE - MD5 : 71dc64e87fd5cce9b382198f91db059e      MD5 : 0166e159bfec0bdeea3d8be9af544b46

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