Saturday, December 03, 2011

Facebook Castle Ville Cam Hack + Turbo Mode

With this tips you can ease manage your castle design. Lot of fun your char can move quick act like the flash, I hope you enjoy this.

What you need ? Download this :

1. CCleaner this is freeware download here
2. Fiddler2 go to dowload then click tools.
3. XML File download here
Mediafire password is smileforeveryone
Rar password is

For step by step you can watch on video :) have fun, don't forget watch on HD. This is free !

Note :
1. On rule editor 1st text box : "" then on 2nd text box select xml file you already downloaded.

Update 05/12/2011: CV game version now is "18458" change with this one

Warning : "PATCHED" Click Here For Update

2. Use IE for Fiddler or If you using Firefox don't forget to :

3. Before you open Fiddler & Browser make sure you empty your browser cache with CCleaner ( on my movie I'm using IE so when I using CCleaner then I empty my IE cache if you using Firefox then pick on CCleaner clear cache for firefox. )

Firefox Empty Cache

IE Empty Cache

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