Thursday, November 24, 2011

CastleVille Coin Hack

Update :This hack already patched !

Information :  For peoples who's added me, please check for my invitation to my private group. I'll post the password. :) 
Update : Password Posted :)

This is the way how to hack coin in CastleVille :) still unpatched hack. This hack maybe will be patched soon. So waiting for what ? before Z**** patched this hack. The limit for coins You can have is 5.000.000 so if you using this hack you set the money for over than 5.000.000 example 18.000.000 in next restart / reload your coin will be max at 5.000.000

I strongly recommend not to go over the limit, because that will got some oos errors will be report to Z***a so they can will be banned your account.

First you will need :

1. Firefox Link
2. Update your java or  download new java Link
3. Download Video Tutorial download wait for 5 second to load the page then click "Skip AD" at the right of corner screen.
4. Find Read Me.txt inside zip file
5. Need password ? please send me message via facebook I don't like to share this too vulgar because can make this hack will fast patched by Mr. Z.
Example Message Format

Name :
Country :
Facebook ID :

6. Please become my followers blog, click "Join This Site" at the middle right screen.
7. Comment on my post in this blog.
8.  Add my facebook
wait for 5 second to load the page then click "Skip AD" at the right of corner screen.
9. Dont forget click Like button facebook :)

If all data valid, I will send you the rar password. If you don't believe this hack is true, sure you can give me your fake facebook id, I'll add some coins to your CastleVille fake facebook id then I'll post the video on this blog ( Limited only 10 Request for this time ).

Only just for 50 Peoples for this hack.  
Update : Only just for 20 Peoples left now.  
Update : Closed for today

Someone said it's fake. So this is for proof :

Hack Status : Unpatched ( 24/11/2011 )
Note : I'll remove this link if this hack patched by Z****