Saturday, November 26, 2011

Castle Ville Coin Hack Part 3 - 26/11/2011

Update :This hack already patched !

Update : 15 New members added to our group check my invitation, I'll post the password, check our group.

Update : 23 members added to group. :) I'll post the password.

Checked for today by me, this hack still unpatched. :) Download here :

Firefox ( if you don't have one ) Download

Java Runtime ( if you don't have or please update your java runtime ) Download

Video tutorial, click download button.
wait for 5 second to load the page then click "Skip AD" at the right of corner screen.

For the password zip file add my facebook then send me msg.

Don't forget leave me comment and if you like this blog please donate me "like".

For today I'll approve 30 friends request because I have much time today. Remember I really hate if someone steal my hack and post it / share it to another website. At least this hack since I posted here 2 days ago still unpatched by Z so please don't show off to someone so we can keep this hack longer.