Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CastleVille - Good Bye to 10 Energy Link

CV Game Version Today : 20856
Game Setting path :

Today, Zynga patched 10 Energy link and  they just leave us 2 Energy reward  links -_-! (  YES ! 2 links for 1 & 3 energy ). 10  Energy Reward link doesn't work anymore ( Jan, 18 2012 ).

When you click 10 energy link , The result is:

Bingo !! Blank Reward Page

I can't find anymore in gamesettings.xml for 10 energy reward link, they remove this reward.
They give up to fix energy limiter and they remove this reward forever ??. o_O
So what we can do now ? I think we must make tribute to 10 Energy Link LOL.
At least we can still use 1 & 3 Energy reward link, Good bye Mr. 10 Energy Link  - Rest In Peace. lmao.

And what the next,  will they remove gold brick, iron pick, alchemist powder, iron ore, and many more reward link too ?

Extra Informations :

Michael Chrepas Before an hour zynga locked any link of energy.Beware...they search for players with more of 100 energy to be banned from the game...empty your energy quick.

Update 18/01/2012 : Hahaha.. I'm wrong.. sorry for my mistakes, my bad :) we still can use 1 & 3 energy reward link.